I have purchased an agency licence for the Elementor Pro Page editor Plugin, so all clubs that we host can have this included in the package.

Now we will start looking at some template blocks to design that look great on a Toastmasters site.

We will also create some components for Toastmasters and add them to the menus. You will see that the upcoming events and club details widgets should already be usable.

I step away from the computer over Xmas, and this seems to give me a clearer head for the next year. This also means I start with so many untested ideas that it is now a race to see what is possible and what is not before the year gets into full swing.

One thing that is obvious is that it is hard to get agency licences for many plugins which means we may well have to write our own versions to keep the costs down for the clubs for the future. Even a couple of $30-$40 plugins is going to be hard to cover for many clubs. 

If there is a plugin or function you think would be useful for Toastmaster Clubs to have on their site, then make your suggestions.

The main focus for the next few days will be making changes to how the code works so that we have the best compatibility with the Elementor Editor for the future.  After that we are looking at the ability of the District Team and a central repository to make content available to you for sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc.