A Dedicated Web Hosting Platform for Toastmasters

Following my own frustration with the club site I inherited, I have built a working Toastmasters Theme and plugin and have plans to further develop it over the next few months.

Custom Web Design

A dedicated WordPress Theme for Toastmaster Clubs

Pro Plugin Features

Custom Plugins to provide meeting and marketing features

Social Media​​

Built-in Social Media Features Support for content delivery

Strategy and Knowledge

Access to our Toastmaster speicifc training and guides for VP PR and other members.


Features to get your site found on Google Search and Google Maps

Our Own Team

WordPress developers are creating software just for Toastmasters

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Using the Toastmasters Theme gives all clubs the same look and feel and builds the ‘global’ look. It also allows us to add custom features.

We need features above and beyond the standard WordPress offering and so we have designed a plugin to deliver the extra features.  We also are licencing and developing others.

We have licenced a top professional page builder – Elementor Pro and already started customising it with Toastmaster Features. We are working on a a library of templates to make your pages look great without you needing so much design experience.

Yes? We may give good looks, but your own words and club pictures makes your site unique. Elementor makes awesome pages and we hope you share ideas with other clubs.

Working with the District Team we will add marketing training to COT events. But I also run regular webinars and record videos.

  1. Don’t worry.
  2. We can give you a good looking site that you can build from.
  3. Most VP PR are not experts in websites and that is fine because you have the chance to learn and develop a new skill.

We have setup a quality hosting package to run the sites. We are working with the District Team to provide training and support.

We will not start charging till Aug 2020.  You can move onto the platform now for FREE.

Full Pricing Info


Try our Demo site for starters.

We can set you up with your own demo site in a day and even show you an easy way to copy your existing content over to see how it looks.

You can then see what benefits there are using this setup.

If you already use another page editor, then we can work through the issues of converting with you.